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Casino Pesong - The Best Casino Lesson and Practice » ROULETTE


The first things we notice are the large electronic displays that show the last 21 numbers that have hit. The other things we notice are the players. They seem to be betting haphazardly; some are putting chips on the outside of the layout (”outside bets”), betting that a red or black number will hit, an odd or even number, or a high or low number.

There are 38 numbers on the wheel, including the two green zeros, and these outside bets pay even money (you win the same amount as you bet). If you think about it, you can see the house edge right away for these bets: As long as any one of your 18 numbers hits, you win, but, with the two green zeros winning for the house, there are 20 chances out of 38 for you not to will.

There’s the house edge: 2 additional chances out of 38 for the casino to take your money, which equates to an advantage of about 51/4 percent. For those casinos that only take half of your outside bet when one of the green zeros hits, the house edge drops to about 2~/4 percent.

The players betting on specific numbers or combinations of numbers on the inside of the layout seem to be dropping their chips at random, some making as many as a dozen bets in hopes that they’ll get lucky on the next spin.

Unlike the others, he scans the electronic displays for just 15 or 20 seconds, then moves quickly to one of the spinning wheels with the ball already in motion and places a green chip, straight up, on each of five numbers. The croupier calls, “No more bets please,” and the man walts patiently for the ball to land. It falls on one of his numbers and he exudes quiet satisfaction with his win. The dealer pushes 35 green chips over to him. “That one’s yours,” he says to the dealer, pointing to the green chip on the winning number. The other players glance at him with admiration. Paying no attention to them, he picks up his chips and quietly walks away, melting into the crowd. At the cashier’s cage he cashes in for a total of $875-a quick profit of $750 after subtracting the $125 he bet. Was this a lucky hit or what? No. This player, with a keen understanding of the number positions on the wheel, had detected a “power sector” on the electronic display-certain numbers hitting with regularity in one sector of the wheel. His experience told him that this was a strong dealer signature and he knew he had an advantage in this game.
This man is an advantage Player.


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